Social Security

My clear stance on Social Security.

I am dedicated to preserving and protecting Social Security. Like over 50 million American senior citizens, my grandmothers and great uncle rely on Social Security each month and I’ve seen the importance of this program firsthand. This has been the most effective anti-poverty program in our nation’s history and we must ensure it remains in place for generations to come.

For decades, millions of Americans have worked and planned their lives around the understanding that Social Security would be there for them when they need it. Unfortunately, this long-standing promise between the American people and our government is in jeopardy. As the AARP recently stated: ” Social Security needs to be updated for the 21st century. If our leaders don’t act, future retirees could lose up to 25% of benefits each year. Every year our leaders wait and do nothing, finding a solution grows more difficult.”

Social Security is the single most important commitment we have made to our seniors and retirees and we must ensure it remains a secure economic safety-net for generations to come. As a Member of Congress:

1. I will work with leaders from both sides of the aisle to protect Social Security.

2. I will oppose efforts to privatize the system.

3. I will push Congress to stop ignoring this critical issue before it’s too late.