International Trade

In Congress, I will fight for smart trade deals that are fair for Wisconsin workers and families, and do not compromise our sovereignty or our national security. I will also fight to reverse the out-of- control regulatory state that is suffocating our manufacturers and stealing wages from Wisconsin workers, as well as the Obama-Clinton foreign policy weakness that has allowed China and other countries to compromise our economic and national security.

In the 21st century we cannot afford to run and hide from global competition. I work in a small business in Green Bay that competes in 48 countries around the world. Consider the fact that 96% of the world’s population lives outside of the United States—Wisconsin’s companies need to be able to sell goods to these other nations. But poorly negotiated trade agreements can put Wisconsin jobs and businesses at risk while letting countries like China break the rules. Unfortunately this President has a track record of negotiating bad deals and TPP fits that pattern. I don’t support the agreement and will fight to reverse the broader Obama-Clinton foreign policy of leading from behind, which has made us less safe and less prosperous here at home.

The key going forward is to ensure we can compete on a level playing field with other countries. When Wisconsin workers compete on a level playing field, we can out-compete and out-work anyone in the world. This starts by having trade agreements that are fair and beneficial for our citizens and employers. We need to keep our local businesses right here in Wisconsin while allowing them to be competitive both domestically and globally.