Mike Gallagher Wins Tonight’s WI-08 Debate

Mike for Wisconsin’s campaign manager, Jared Bombaci, released the following statement after Mike Gallagher won Monday night’s debate against career politician Thomas Nelson:

“Tonight, the stark contrast between Marine veteran Mike Gallagher and career politician Thomas Nelson has never been clearer. Thomas Nelson, a career politician who has run for four different offices in just eight years, decided to distract the voters away from his disastrous record of higher taxes, more spending, and more regulations, and instead dishonorably doubled down on his dishonest attacks. Meanwhile, Mike remained laser focused on his common-sense, conservative vision for change for the voters of the 8th District. Despite tonight’s victory, this campaign will continue working as hard as possible for the citizens of Northeast Wisconsin to get government off of our backs, out of our wallets, and once again make it a government that works for We the People.”