Mike Gallagher Releases Statement on Growing Chaos in the Middle East

In response to the reports that U.S. warships fired on Iran-backed Houthi rebel positions inside Yemen, days after cruise missiles from Houthi-controlled territory were fired at U.S. Navy vessels carrying hundreds of sailors, Mike Gallagher released the following statement:

“The disastrous Obama-Clinton nuclear deal with the Supreme Leader in Tehran has emboldened Iranian proxies, undermined our allies, and endangered the lives of U.S. military personnel throughout the region. We have given the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism not only nearly $2 billion in ransom, but also an international blessing for their nuclear program. The Iranian response: fire on our ships with Chinese built missiles in an attempt to kill hundreds of American sailors.  

The lesson is clear: weakness invites aggression. Now more than ever before, we are in dire need of new leaders who will fight for American leadership and stability at home and abroad. What is troubling, is that my opponent Thomas Nelson has yet to even acknowledge that the Obama-Clinton foreign policy of leading from behind is failing, making Americans less safe. The voters of Northeast Wisconsin deserve to know where Thomas Nelson stands on this issue, especially since protecting the homeland is the first and foremost duty of the federal government.”