Outagamie County Sheriff Praises Gallagher, Rebukes Nelson in Latest Ad

Mike Gallagher’s campaign for Congress released a new ad today highlighting one of many blemishes on Thomas Nelson’s long record in office.  In 2010, when he was the Assembly Majority Leader, Nelson’s caucus pushed, and he voted in favor of, creating a program to allow the release of up to 800 criminals from prison, some of which re-committed crimes within months of their release.  These were not just one-time offenders, many had lengthy criminal records spanning decades.

Speaking out against Nelson’s questionable record, Outagamie County Sheriff Brad Gehring touted his strong support for Mike Gallagher in the ad. Sheriff Gehring’s support of Mike Gallagher, considering he’s worked closely with Thomas Nelson for years in Outagamie County, speaks volumes. This is the second Outagamie County official in just TWO days to strongly back Gallagher for Congress. Yesterday Toby Paltzer, who served as Outagamie County Executive for the 12 years prior to Thomas Nelson, endorsed Mike Gallagher for Congress.

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Ad transcript is below:

Mike Gallager: I’m Mike Gallagher and I approve this message to keep our families safe.

Sheriff Brad Gehring: I’m Brad Gehring, Sheriff of Outagmie County. I’ve worked with Mike’s opponent in Outagamie County but I support Mike Gallagher because I know that unlike his opponent, Mike will always support the brave men and women who wear the badge.

Narrator: But Tom Nelson voted to grant early prison release to hundred of criminals, dangerous, repeat offenders turned loose, some reoffended within months. They should have been in prison. Tom Nelson shouldn’t be in Congress.