Thomas Nelson’s Predecessor Endorses Mike Gallagher for WI-08

Today, retired Outagamie County Executive Toby Paltzer endorsed Mike Gallagher to represent Wisconsin’s 8th District in Congress. Toby Paltzer served as the Outagamie County Executive for twelve years prior to retiring. Nelson immediately followed Paltzer in the County Executive position.

Toby Paltzer said “I appreciate Mike’s years of service in the Marine Corps and believe we need to elect more representatives with his independent background. Using his Marine Corps fighting spirit and Wisconsin common-sense, I’m confident Mike will help steer our country back on the right path. I’m proud to endorse Mike Gallagher, and look forward to casting my vote for him on November 8th.”

In response to receiving Toby’s endorsement, Mike Gallagher released the following statement:

“Toby Paltzer is an excellent example of what it means to put community first. Through his willingness to work with people of all political stripes as Outagamie County Executive, Toby has worked selflessly and tirelessly to find solutions to the difficult problems that face our communities. I am honored to receive Toby’s endorsement and will continue to work each and every day for the people of Northeast Wisconsin to get government off of our backs, out of our wallets, and once again make it a government that works for We the People.”