Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

In a last ditch effort to collect votes, Thomas Nelson has decided to ride the coattails of failed presidential candidate and socialist Bernie Sanders, a man who staunchly advocates for:

  • Raising taxes on the American public to the tune of $15.3 TRILLION
  • The forced redistribution of wealth by the federal government

Less than a month ago, Nelson was touting the endorsement from Bernie Sanders’ group Our Revolution that supports candidates who will advance socialist policies in America. Throughout the race, Nelson has lied to voters about being a moderate Democrat, when in reality, Nelson is as far-left as Bernie Sanders.

Just last night Thomas Nelson introduced Bernie Sanders at a rally, praising his socialist policies… “Bernie Sanders is RIGHT!”

In fact, Nelson has long been aligned with the far left’s harmful tax-and-spend policies that have smothered economic prosperity out of individuals, families, and businesses across Wisconsin. Just look at Nelson’s record:

  • Nelson voted for a $57.2 BILLION state budget conference report in 2007, which became law.
  • In 2009, Nelson voted for a $62 BILLION budget that increases taxes by $5 BILLION
  • Nelson went as far as to create a new tax on household items like diapers, ice cream cakes, and even Christmas Trees.
  • Nelson’s votes contributed to Wisconsin’s $6.6 BILLION deficit

In response to Nelson’s support for socialist policies, Gallagher spokeswoman Madison Wiberg released the following statement:

Thomas Nelson is grasping at straws to explain away his deplorable record of raising taxes on Wisconsin families and increasing regulations on local businesses. The voters of Northeast Wisconsin can’t afford self-interested, socialist-aligned career politicians like Thomas Nelson who believe you can tax and spend your way to prosperity.