Mike Gallagher Releases Statement on the US Treasury’s Approval of Aviation Sales to Iran

Today, Mike Gallagher released the following statement in response to the U.S. Treasury’s approval of Airbus and Boeing’s sale of commercial aircraft to Iran worth more than $40 billion.

“As if paying Iran— the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism—a $1.7 billion ransom wasn’t enough, the Obama Administration is now allowing IranAir, a company that was sanctioned for its ties to terrorism, to rebuild its fleet of commercial aircraft. Iran has already used commercial aviation to empower the Assad regime in Syria and spread its destructive influence throughout the region, and we can expect much more of the same as a result of this dangerous decision.

This is another example of the dangerously misguided Obama-Clinton foreign policy that has emboldened our enemies, and undermined U.S. strength and credibility on the world stage. For the safety and security of American citizens at home and abroad, we must effectively demonstrate to the world that there is no greater friend, and no worse enemy, than the United States of America.”