Does Nelson Agree with Obama’s Failing Red Lines?

Green Bay, WI – Last week, reports showed that Syria’s Assad regime has continued to use chemical weapons against its own civilians, ignoring President Obama’s 2012 “red line.” China, too crossed Obama’s self-imposed red line when the Chinese military recently bolstered its military presence around the Scarborough Shoal in the South China Sea. One foreign policy disaster after another, Thomas Nelson is still silent. With just 49 days left until the election, the voters deserve to know where Thomas Nelson stands on important issues facing the 8th District, and the country as a whole.

In response to these actions and his opponent’s silence, Mike Gallagher released the following statement:
“President Obama’s repeated failure to enforce his own red lines has severely undermined U.S. credibility. The Obama-Clinton foreign policy of leading from behind is failing. The United States is no longer feared or respected on the world stage, and as a result Americans are no longer safe at home or abroad. My opponent Thomas Nelson’s continual silence has gone from troubling to dangerous. The voters of Northeast Wisconsin deserve to know where Thomas Nelson stands on the issues, especially since protecting the homeland is the first and foremost duty of the federal government.”

Click here to view where Mike stands on the issues.